last thursday, when i went to pick bela up from daycare, i was greeted at the door by mama chris shoving belas head in my nose. smell, she said. i took a whiff.. very fresh and flowery. she washed belas hair 3 times that afternoon she told me. why? apparently she left the vaseline sitting out on the floor and left the room. my little explorer and her pal amy emptied the whole jar and covered their bodies, clothes and hair with it. i picked bela up and she just felt greasy, head to toe greasy. her hair looked like she had two days of style products in it. poor little monkey!! she of course was not phased by this, i am sure she had a ball. i wish i had been there to see it happen.

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kgb said...

My kids too are unexplainably drawn to this substance. The number of times I have washed it out of their hair is disgusting. Believe me - you did not want to witness it, but if you still think so - take her outside and leave some Vaseline laying about. You won't have to wait long. Just don't do it at your mom's house. I'm not sure what the effects are on grass - and you wouldn't want to risk it.