my kidlet is special

light up

tonight brett and i are meeting up with andy and taking bela to the light up lakewood festival! I am really looking forward to it and hope that it doesnt rain. i dont mind the cold and even a little snow, but rain would ruin everything. santa will be there and bela is finally getting into the idea of him. this morning i asked her who santa was and she replied "presents". my camera is charging as we speak so i will be sure to put up some pics!!


some pictures in lieu of words

we had great long thanksgiving/birthday weekend!! lots of family time and good stuff. too tired and full to write any more.

i am the mother of a 2 year old

oy, unbelievable.



tomorrow i thanksgiving and that means lots of good eats. also to make things extra great, my aunt and uncle are in town from colorado. so excited to see them!!


the (seemingly) neverending quest

many of you know that i have been searching for the past 2 months for silver mary janes for bela. i first saw them in a magazine on the dainty feet of apple, gwyneth paltrows daughter. ever since then i talk about them, search the internet and pop into every store i pass. well today the search is over, karon found them! and at old navy of all places. i am so excited! thanks karon!


bela the bruiser

the other night bela and i went to hang out and have dinner with meg and bri after work. everything was great until the clock struck 7 and just like that bela turned to the dark side. normally she shares well and plays well, but at that moment when bri decided to take a toy from her, bela flipped and grabbed her head and pulled. i have never seen her so much as touch another child so i was of course mortified! all was fine and we left, but i couldnt stop thinking about it. so last night i asked mama chris. she said that bela is never even a hint of aggressive or mean. relief, i so do not want to have the bully for a child. i think i just pressed my luck with a playdate so close to bedtime. from now on they will end promptly at 6:55.


rockin cute

here is bela wearing mealeys bandana. too cute.


nyc wrap up

brittany and i went to nyc for a long 4 day weekend last week. we had an amazing time! pretty much each day consisted of wake up, coffee, breakfast, walking, walking, lunch, walking, nap, walking, dinner, walking, drinks, bed. we walked so much, but i honestly really enjoyed it!! we stayed in a sublet apartment on the lower east side and did a lot of exploring of our new, but temporary weekend home.

we found some good cafes and the most amazing coffee shop that i still dream of. of course the most important part was the food because eating is the center of both of our worlds.
on friday night we went to olives and had an amazing tasting menu complete with octopus, ricotta gnocchi and the most delectable chocolate desserts. so good. saturday night we went to a mexican bistro in soho called papatzul and had a great dinner including the best guacamole i have ever eaten in my life.

ever. of course we ate many other delicious meals and desserts including cupcakes at britts favorite spot.

yes, we did more than just eat. we walked, we shopped, but didnt buy much and we relaxed. one night we went to bryant park and sat with a cup of coffee and watched the ice skaters. it was cold and fun to watch the people who were really into it.

all in all we had an awesome time, i love nyc and britt and i always have fun together. big thanks to her for taking me away!!
thats all i can think of right now, i will make amendments as i think of it!


gunkas girl

ok yes, nyc post coming soon, i swear!! so bela seems to be back to herself finally after the week long sickness. thank goodness.she was eating like a champ yesterday!! we took these pictures yesterday morning just for my dad, his favorite bela smile.


nuggets before, nuggets after

this is bela on trick or treat night eating nuggets without costume and then with. coincidentally this is the same night that belas stomach bug started.I do not think the two are linked, just mentioning it.


two quick things

bela was so good at trick or treat, she was a quick learner and really got into it! although i am not sure whether she enjoyed the trick or treating or handing out candy at my folks house better.

also tomorrow britt and i leave bright and early for nyc!! bela will be spending lots of time with brett! good lucky daddy! nyc blog to follow, i get home on monday night.