doesnt my girl look like such a big kid in her new overalls!!??!?!


i cant even describe how much i love being the mommy to my sweet little girl. i just put her to bed, very early i might add, because she was falling asleep in my arms as i was feeding her. i just spent a half hour rocking with her. just rocking and looking down at her perfect little face. she was asleep after 10 minutes, but i kept rocking her for 20 more. i was just really enjoying watching her sleep and didnt was to put her into her bassinet. but i guess really more so the reason was that i was scared to death that if i got up she would wake up and start screaming. yeah that too.



i think it is so funny that bela can go from crying one minute to smiling like a little angel the next. ok so i know she's a baby. no explanation needed.



ok so i have been a bit of a slacker on my daily postings! oops!

we went to oma and grandpas house yesterday, hung out and ate dinner. bela slept for 3 hours of the visit so i guess all in all my parents didnt really get a whole lot of quality time. and it was really all for nothing cuz she woke up just as cranky as she was before the nap. eh.

today were are going over to belas future day care. she hasnt even met bela yet, so this should be a fun day! i really hope that everything goes well. i hope bela doesnt throw up on her. but she is probably used to that anyhow. i am so excited that we found such a great place for bela to go. i really do not want to go back to work. i really really do not want to leave my little girl. but it makes me feel better knowing that we have such a great lady keeping an eye on the bela.

ok no more time right now. update later on how things go!



today was belas 2 month doctors appointment! she is now 9lb 9oz! i couldnt believe it! she also had to get 3 shots and it was so terrible. she screamed louder than i have ever heard, but i think overall it hurt me more to watch. now she is a bit cranky and i finally got her to take a nap. i hope that this gets easier! we have to go back in 2 months for more shots... horrible


2 months old!

today you are 2 months old! i can't believe how fast the time has gone, it seems like you are getting so big, so fast. you have changed so much over the past 2 months, not only do you not look like the same little girl i gave birth too, but you for sure act completely different. you are very alert all of the time now and respond to sounds and lights. you seem to perk up when you hear my voice and see my face. i am not sure whether you know that i am 'mommy' or you just know that i am some lady who is around a lot! i like to think that you know who i am though.

i feel like i am finally getting things together. you are getting on a pretty regular sleep schedule, especially at night. you are still sleeping in the bassinet in our bedroom, but that is a step up from sleeping in your carseat, which you did up until 3 weeks ago. your bedtime is between 7:00-8:00. you usually wake at night at 1am and 5am. most days i try to get you to fall back to sleep in the morning, but i am not always successful. overall i can't complain, but if you could start sleeping through the night i would be ever happier!

right now as i am typing this you are in your swing, your favorite non-parent place to be. you enjoy looking up at the bugs and birds on the mobile. i honestly think that they are your friends, you smile at them and try to talk to them, also your new giggle comes out a lot.

i just keep thinking that you become more and more fun everyday! i can't wait to see what each new day brings and definitely what each new month will bring!!

tomorrow i will be taking you to your 2 month doctors appointment! i know that you will be getting some shots and i am not looking forward to it, but i am sure you will be okay. not sure how i will be though!!

well little girl, i hope that you realize already how much i love you. if not, one day you will.



so nothing really overly interesting happened yesterday. i spent most of the day holding her and trying to get her to stop screaming. there isnt much you can do for an 8 week old baby. its not like you can bribe them with treats cuz they cant have any.
i am going out to my parents and then to visit bretts family today. maybe something exciting will happen.


rock me (to sleep) amadeus

so i know that she is only a baby and probably doesn't really have musical taste, but i swear she loves the 80s. when we dance to the bangles she smiles like she actually hopes to be able to walk like an egyptian one day. so today when i was putting her down for her afternoon nap i flipped on the 80 station on tv. she was so totally comforted by madonna singing 'like a virgin' that i was able to sneak out of the room after minimal rocking and shushing. so even if i fail today and this nap only lasts for 45 minutes i will know that she was rockin out in her dreams when 'eye of the tiger' came on. and i swear that she made some noise for me to hear over the monitor when 'i just called to say i love you' was playing. and that is enough for me.


my plan and the idea

so that first blog was actually something that i had originally written on myspace when i first came home from the hospital. this is the real first posting on this thing.

so i got the idea for this blog from three sources. dateline and two women named heather. the first was a news story i saw on dateline about a woman whose father wrote her a letter every year on her birthday. there is way more to the story than that, but that is the important part. the second was from my sister heather. i told her about the idea i got from the dateline program and how i wanted to start to do something like that, but needed something to collect the letters in. she was the one who said that i should just start a blog. and that lead into her mentioning of dooce.com (which we are both faithful readers of) and how she writes a letter every month to her daughter on her blog. so obviously my third influence was dooce. so in the tradition of that blog i am planning on doing a monthly progress type letter about bela. plus i am going to do my best to write a little something each day as well, but i am not going to make any promises.

ok so that's that. my inspiration.

i just think that this could be a really great thing for bela to look back at when she is old enough to appreciate it. or not.

from the beginning

on thursday november 24th at 7:30 am we welcomed bela helena moore into the world. i guess i will never again have something so wonderful to be thankful for!!
she weighed 5lbs 2.6oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. what a little tiny girl!
we are now finally at home after a long hospital stay. i am still adjusting to the lack of sleep, but i can honestly say that it is all worth it. who knew that you could be so crazy over someone that you just met? i am already head over heels for this kid and she is only a week old. brett for sure feels the same way and is reluctant any time he has to leave the house.
this poor little girl is going to be so loved that she won't know what hit her!
so just like in pregnancy, i am entering a whole new world of first times. the first time i held her, the first time i fed her, changed her diaper, kissed her. the first time i went to the bathroom with her in my lap, the first time i realized that it had easily been 3 days since i showered. i will always and forever remember that first look that i got from brett as she lay squirming on my belly after many hours of long labor, the first time he held her and the small things that he did through the entire ordeal to comfort me without even knowing that he was doing anything at all.

our little girl is finally here and our lives will never be the same!