hot baby

so it is hot, like really hot. last night on my drive home from work at 6pm it was 94 degrees. thats crazy. the thermostat in my house said it was 82. no ac. it was hot. sitting alone on the couch is hot, but sitting with a furnace baby on your lap is even hotter. i am not complaining though, i wouldnt trade that little sweaty monkey for anything, even an air conditioner. now thats love.


growing girl!

bela had her 6 month doctors appointment this morning. brett took her because i wasnt able to get off work. she is 13lbs 13oz and 28 inches!! she is gonna be a basketball star! tall and skinny just like her daddy!


6 months old

i dont even know what to say, 6 months, the time has flown by. it scares me, i want her to be my little baby forever.
still having tons of fun with her! her personality is growing more and more everyday!
not really much to say developmentally, she hasn't changed that much since the 5 month post. although, if possible, she gets cuter everyday!
in mommy news, i am not breast feeding anymore, which i think has proven harder on me than on her. i wish i could have gone a while longer, but i guess it just wasn't in the cards.



so we had a wonderful weekend with the family! much time was spent with mom, dad, heather, mini holly and baby franka. i am for sure one of those people that would make family plans over night out plans. well at least i am now, post-baby.
moms surprise party turned out great! tons of people filled the street to greet my unassuming mother on her 50th birthday! she was so surprised. of course i was very nervous that she somehow knew our plans and would only be faking her surprised grimace. but no, she was for real surprised!! it was fantastic.
in bela news, she spent the weekend being passed around like a hot, yet adorable, potato. this kid is a champ. even though she only took one nap, from 8:45-9:30am, she made it through the party and to her 7pm bedtime with little fuss. we wont get into the battle with bedtime that mommy had when we got home after the party.
so all in all a great weekend! wish my sister and the girls could be here all the time!!


can't wait!

i am at home now after only working 2 hours this morning!! woohoo! brett stayed with the pea this morning while i was gone. right now they are both napping! cute! so as soon as she wakes up we are off to oma and grandpas house for the weekend! my sister and her girls are in town so the weekend will be fantastic!
in other news, bela is sick. i have taken to calling her princess snotty snot.


one more pic

first mothers day

so i spent most of the day saturday in the hospital. it took that long for the doctors to figure out what was wrong with me. the symptoms started with a major pain in my back that slowly found its way to the lower right part of my stomach. after many test and many hours, it turns out i had an ovarian cyst that ruptured. once again brittany saved the day and took me to the hospital. we were that for what seemed like 20 hours but was really about 5.
then i spent the night at my folks so my mom and dad could help me with bela. on sunday, mothers day, i was up and around quite a bit. at that point the only pain was that lingering in my back so i figured i was better to be out and about. i think this was kind of to blame for the pain that night. so today i am at home from work trying to do as much lying around, and ignoring of my messy house, as possible. my back is still hurting, but no where near the pain i felt on saturday!!
so on the downside i spent most of my mothers day out of commission, on the upside i did enjoy lots of parental pampering!! plus i got a lot of time with bela, although much of it was not hands on!
thanks to mom, dad, brittany, karon & karon for all your help this weekend!!


so old

yesterday morning i turned on the tv while i was feeding the baby. vh1 classic was on so i found myself singing along to "when doves cry" while she ate. but the next song to come on was a shocker. not even thinking, i continued to sing along, bela thought this song was really funny. then it dawned on me, it was "please don't go girl" by the new kids on the block! nkotb, on vh1 classic... i really am getting old!!


all better

i had a crappy day today at work. crappy. and then the day ended with a crappy drive home from work. crappy. but you know what makes it all better? makes it all worth it? sitting in the rocking chair at bedtime with my little girl in my arms. looking up at me without a care in the world, just happy to be. then suddenly all the crap just melts away and it is just me and her. and everything is alright. all i need is my girl to make the whole day worth it. almost makes going to work okay when i know that i have something to look forward to at the end of it all.


drig drag drug

another weekend of dragging the baby all around town. i feel kinda bad that we never get to spend a calm weekend at home. but then again i never have time during the week to do any running around so it must be done. the upside is that i get to spend lots of time with the girl cuz she doesnt get a chance to do things like nap. well she takes many short cat naps. on the downside, at about 4 o clock i am left with a very cranky little monkey. which may or may not lead to an easy time of putting her to bed.


another week

so this is the end of another week. i feel like the time went so fast that i didnt even have a chance to post anything. although nothing really exciting happened this week so that could also be the reason. i did take some new cute pictures of my girl though so that is always worth posting!


long weekend

i will just give the short story of a long weekend. daddy was sick friday. mommy was sick saturday. bela slept over at omas. daddy played two rock shows.

kinda glad to be back to the old routine! ok not really, i guess would rather have a hectic weekend with bela.