new shirts

here are some images that i am gonna use to make new tshirts for bela. just sharing.

first time for everything

i am at work today, boo. last night my mom came over to pick up bela for a sleepover. brett and i were trying to get in our last few hugs and kisses for the night, but all bela wanted was her oma. she didnt want either of us to hold her, just oma. isnt it funny how she knows already the greatness that is oma?
ok moving on, back to the story. my mom called me a little while ago to ask if bela could have mcdonalds breakfast. sure, whatever. maybe not the best answer on my part, but its just eggs and pancakes.... sorta. in situations like this i think, what would heather do? and believe me, i ask myself this question alot. would heather let her baby eat mcdonalds? no way. eh whatever, bela was with oma and oma rules are different than mama rules. thats what omas are for. so needless to say, bela had her first taste of delicious greasy mcdonalds breakfast this morning. i am sure she loved it, although she is my girl and loves all food.


bad day

yesterday daddy took bela to day care, but forgot boris. oh goodness. needless to say, this made for a very bad day. she would not take a nap at all, i guess she was missing boris too much to sleep. poor girl!


boris & doris

for those of you who do not know who boris is, shame on you! for those of you who do not know who doris is, you are forgiven. boris is belas favorite lovey friend. he goes everywhere with her and is always present at nap time and bedtime. oma bought boris for bela before she was born, this i believe was a nod to the infamous "duck"
who belongs to my niece holly. i am not going to describeboris to you because most of you have met him and he is pictured on this post (or is that doris?). anyhow, bela thinks boris is the cats pajamas, the boss of the applesauce. i first introduced boris to the scene about 3 days before her first day of daycare, i read somewhere that having a security blanket or toy at daycare would make
this transition easier for both of us. enterboris. he is both stuffed animal and a blankie, perfect! a few months later, i had a scary thought, what would happen of boris was lost or ruined? we needed a backup boris! enter doris. once again oma came through, her first ebay purchase! bela of course doesnt know the difference between the two, but it makes my life easier. before the discovery of doris, boris
was looking pretty gnarly, he was rarely washed. once in a while i
would sneak him away for a quick cleaning, but hardly often enough. now that we have doris, i just do a secret switch and no worries. so today i was thinking, what
would happen if she did know there were two of them? would she then get
attached to both? would we have to get a third namedhoris? (sidenote-boris&doris already have a baby named morris, he lives with mama chris, but that is another story all together) this is what happens when you become a mother, you begin to have irrational fears about trivial scenarios like this. so for now, boris and doris will remain like superman and clark kent, or better yet spiderman and peter parker. one day i am sure she will figure out the true identity of both blankies, until then, their secret is safe with me.

new wheels

michelle and the gang are our reliable source for kick ass hand me downs. bela
has a ton of adorable clothes, shoes and toys thanks to them. we both
enjoy visiting with them because they rule, they are so good to us and
they makebela giggle, among other reasons. well last week the crew stopped over and brought bela a baby sized set of wheels! she loves sitting on it and is currently
mastering the art of going backwards. she thinks it is really funny
when i put her on it and zoom her around the house. once again, the
gang came through! :) thanks guys!! we appreciate all you do!


sick again

bela is sick, again. we just barely recovered from the last round and now it begins again. the last time she was sick, she started waking up during the night. we were just about back out of that cycle and now we are back into it. ugh. i thought we were passed this.


the pirate plays drums

so this morning i had bela on my lap as i was wrestling with her to put pigtails in her hair. this used to be an easy task, she would just sit there quietly for some reason until i was done. no more. so as she was dangling by her hair, i flipped on disney channel to see if i could get some distraction. the wiggles were on. ugh, those freaky rainbow dressed men. bela of course doesnt know who they are, but i figured the singing and dance might just work. (she doesnt have much tv exposure. i sometimes let her watch the opening credits of 'little einsteins', which she loves, and then of course the photo captured elmo moment. thats it.)anyhow, wiggles, worked like a charm. she was sucked in from the first second. she didnt even move for the next 5 minutes.
now, for those of you who are not familiar with the wiggles, are you ever in for a treat of a lesson. there are 4 grown australian men, a dinosaur, a dog, an octopus and a pirate. huh? does this make sense to anyone else? they sing, dance and do funny skits. also the cartoon versions of them sing, dance and do funny skits. there are also musical interludes of the craziest songs you will ever hear. freaky stuff. but i guess the kids love it.
bela will not be a faithful wiggles watcher, but next time i need her to be in a weirdness induced trance, wiggles it is.


my world

i am officially undertaking the tasks of reorganizing my life, my house and my world. thank you miss hot mama for you continued help and guidance in this process!! i havent posted in a while because i have been spending my evenings on the above mentioned task. i am rather enjoying it! here is a cute face to tide you over.



last thursday, when i went to pick bela up from daycare, i was greeted at the door by mama chris shoving belas head in my nose. smell, she said. i took a whiff.. very fresh and flowery. she washed belas hair 3 times that afternoon she told me. why? apparently she left the vaseline sitting out on the floor and left the room. my little explorer and her pal amy emptied the whole jar and covered their bodies, clothes and hair with it. i picked bela up and she just felt greasy, head to toe greasy. her hair looked like she had two days of style products in it. poor little monkey!! she of course was not phased by this, i am sure she had a ball. i wish i had been there to see it happen.

pink you stink

from day one of my pregnancy, and more so since i found out i was having a girl, i was adamant about being anti-pink. i am by no stretch of the imagination a girly-girl. i do not wear pink and my baby will not wear pink.
during my baby shower, i opened up countless boxes and bags of pink clothes. ugh. i was horrified. all of my girlfriends stared at me knowing that i was doing my best to mask my hatred for the color.
after my shower, i spent hours sorting out all of the offending pink outfits and returning them, keeping only those that were especially cute despite the color. bela started her life in lots of colors, but not a hint of pink, except maybe pjs.
so what happened to me? has motherhood caused me to go completely soft? dont answer that. baby b wears some article of pink just about everyday. no joke. and i hear smack about it just about everyday too.
my response? the girl looks good in pink, its her signature color. i might not be a girl girl, or much of a girl at all, but bela is a little pink princess. just look at this blog, it reeks of pink, but its her color.
i knew that i had slowly given in to the world of pink, but it didnt hit me totally until i was folding belas laundry the other night. holy moly... pink explosion. eh, whaveter, to all you nonbelievers, its true. holly moore has given in to the dark side. the pink side. deal with it. i have a cute baby, pink or no pink.


another thing

daddy got bela a new toy the other day. its the creature from the black lagoon. surprise, surprise. she loves it. i am not such a fan, it is sticky and stretchy and filled with tiny pellets.

9 months old!

bela bela, my baby b. you are now 9 months old!! you can crawl like it is your job! also this month you started pulling up. the only problem is that after you pull yourself up, you think that you can just let go. one of these days you are going to let go and not fall over. maybe next month. you are into everything right now, my little explorer. on saturday you crawled up three stairs while chasing a cat. i was of course right there to catch you, but you did pretty well until i stopped you. this month you also learned how to give high fives and how to clap.
we did lots of visiting this month! we spent the afternoon with nate and alex, you liked them a lot. alex taught you a new song and made mama a copy to bring home. we now listen to this cd every night. you also spent a whole day with mamas friend becky! i am sure she fussed over you and took lots of cute pictures.

of course you are getting cuter and cuter everyday. i am not sure if it is possible for you to be any cuter. your little personality amazes me every day. how can such a little girl who can't even talk be so funny?

i think that is about it for this month. you are busy busy and mama cant keep up. obviously, since this post is about 2 weeks late! thanks to those of you who reminded me!


this is what bela looks like when elmo is on the tv... that beast somehow has a crazy hold over the youth of today.


i am going to be posting multiple catch up blogs today! not sure if that is good or bad, but stay tuned!! all kinds of pics and goodness to come.
you can tell this is serious business, my subject is in all caps, and you should all know by now that i never use caps on this blog.