yea im lazy

wow... what to say after 9 months... too much i guess. not gonna make any empty promises about posting cuz we all know i wont keep it! this is the first... there will be more, but just not sure how often.
enjoy some pics instead!



so my little bela girl will be 4 on tuesday!! I can barely believe it.


chalk festival

ok so i know this was nearly 2 months ago, but i took bela to the chalk festival at the art museum in september. she ended up with more on her than anywhere else, but we both had a blast. afterwards we went to lakeview cemetary to wander a bit and take pictures, that didnt last long though because bela didnt seem to be as into it as me.


happy 4th of july!

so we decided to let bela stay up to the fireworks tonight. she took a nap earlier and was excited to watch. from chris' apt we can see fireworks from like 6 locations. she wasnt really into it but enjoyed doing sparklers with daddy. by ten she was asking to go to bed so she didnt get to see the big downtown ones. i guess we know now that next year we should just skip it.



jamie and i took the kids to the farmpark on friday.