new digs

so our new place doesnt have a back yard, but i wanted to get bela a sandbox anyhow. so this small scale one fit just great on the back 'fire escape'! it is just big enough for her to perch on the edge and she thinks its awesome. of course in typical bela fashion she informed me as she began to play that she would for sure need a bath when she was done.


catch up

so bela and i have been so super busy filling our days together with fun activities! i am currently watching bri two days a week and another friends kids another two days. each week bela and i have one day off together. it has been so hot that staying at home isnt much of a fun option. today we are going to spend the day at the pool!! i will try to post more tomorrow.


at home

after tomorrow i will officially be a stay at home mom. who would have ever thought? i will be watching four kidlets for the summer and still working on nailing down the plan for the fall. i am so totally excited about this major life change, despite how it had to come about. i just hope we can cut it financially, but that is not something i even want to make my self anxious about right now.

my nieces were in town for a few days and then joined by my sis. always great to see her of course! so needless to say bela and i spent lots of family time over the past week. i will recap our daily events tomorrow maybe. too much to remember right now and i just want to sit down and drink some coffee while bela naps. i want to say though that there is so much fun stuff to do with a toddler in our area!!


kinda settled

i first want to say a huge thanks to my mom, andy and mo for all of their help this weekend!! we couldnt have survived the weekend or the move without you! i am so worn out and i still have car filled with stuff. i hope to have everything set up after this weekend. i will post pictures of the new place once that is done!!