finally a spring day

saturday morning i took bela to the park because it was a nice day!! although today it is raining and i am unsure whether the cook out at bretts family is going to happen. saturday after nap bela and i met my friend karyn and her daughter emma at the theater to see horton hears a who. bela was pretty good through the whole thing, until about the last 10 minutes when she started doing laps around the front three rows. it was her first theater experience though and it might be a little while until her next, i think she is still a bit young to pay attention for that long.


fashion police

i have officially lost control over belas wardrobe. she insists on picking out her own clothes and on the off chance she lets me dress her, she will put in one thing that throws off the whole outfit. this morning after i dropped her off, as i was walking out the door, i sheepishly added, "she picked out the outfit, not me". i am totally fine with this though, i actually think it is cute as heck. plus i know that if someone sees her in brown pants, a green shirt and silver shoes, they will most likely assume that i had no input. the silver shoes are a big player in her wardrobe these days as well, yes the sacred silver shoes that i searched high and low for. so i am fine with it, love those shoes. even when an outfit that most definitely requires tennis shoes is finished with the silver "party" shoes. bela is for sure a unique and independent spirit, i am all for it.


tub swimming

over the weekend my mom bought bela a new bathing suit. bela picked out a little mermaid one because she is currently obsessed with mermaids. last night on the drive home she kept asking me if she could wear the bathing suit and go swimming. not an option in 50 degree weather. so when she asked if she could swim in the bathtub, i had to give in.


happy mothers day!!

my mom bought bela this adorable dress complete with matching dolly dress. too cute.

only a week late

here are some pictures from our trip to cinci. we went down for the marathon and bela entered the "piglet fun run". it was so super rainy and we were soaked, but as soon as the races started it turned into a beautiful day. yes, she fell on her face and yes she (and i) were totally heartbroken, but all was forgotten. you will see the picture of bela and franka on the starting line and then franka running like the wind while bela is face first on the grass. poor bela!!
also the smallest tshirt that was available was huge on bela! we had a great time and i really enjoyed all the quality family time. and good sister cookin!! i will hopefully be adding more cinci pics as soon as paul sends them to me.