back from disney

we got home last night from our disney vacation! i am kind of glad to be home, but wouldnt have minded staying a bit longer either. we stayed in a beautiful condo in disney and had access to all the parks. we went to all but epcot. bela
had a blast!! by the last morning she was asking for "magic kingdom"
and mickey non stop. i am too wiped out to type all kinds of details,
but here are a few pics to start.


what a difference a year makes!!

easter pics

three cousins, a snowy egg hunt and family good times.



last night bela went out for dinner at a hibachi restaurant with my mom, dad, karen, karon and my aunt and uncle. she had a great time and thought the whole thing was fantastic. she was a good girl and sat in her booster the whole time just taking in the show.


will spring ever come?

ohio. snow. today it is supposed to be 50 degrees!! next thursday is the first official day of spring and i i dont think the heaps of snow in our yard will be gone by then. most likely there will be more on top of it. cleveland winters are brutal because they last from october through april. last year on easter we had a big snow storm and that makes easter egg hunts problematic. please let the snow melt by easter.
next week my sister is bringing her kids up to spend the week with my mom, i cant wait!!


this baby

i have this picture on the desktop of my computer at work.
people keep asking me "who is that cute baby?" its my bela!! teeny, tiny, five pound baby bela.


nap & play

as mentioned earlier, on saturday i told bela she could play out in the snow after her nap. so when i was having problems getting her to settle down or a nap, i told her that she had to take a nap or no playing in the snow. she immediately laid down and closed her eyes and slept for four hours. there was so much snow by that point though that her playing in the snow didnt last very long. luckily she is really light and didnt just sink into the snow, but we had about 14 inches.


from one blizzard into another

last weekend we were at my moms and bela got to play
in the snow for the first time. she loved it of course. today we are
stuck inside due to a huge blizzard that is said to last through the
night. first thing this morning, after i showedbela all the snow outside, she requested snow pants. so i promised that after naptime we will go out and play. more pics to come.


aunt becky

bela and i went for breakfast last weekend at my bff beckys house. heres the funny pics. becky bought her the bunny ears and she loved them!