old video

bela at about 2 eating a pancake. its kinda dark, but you get the point


new boots

chris and i went to cinci this week to see ratatat play and of course for some short, but quality, time with the cinci fam. we had a greta time! and scored these new hand me down boots for bela. she has worn them everyday this week so far! thanks franka!


silly girl

bela was being her usual cute self and posing for pictures yesterday. not sure how i captured the gem with the cross eyes!!


fancy nancy and fancy bela

this is the new fancy nancy doll that macey bought for bela! she loves it!!



sleeping bela

the other night brett went in to check on bela and this is how she was sleeping so he had to take a picture!


bela moore fashionista

lately bela has really been adamant about picking out her own clothes. i am a huge supporter of this because it for sure shows her personality and creativity! she usually picks out some really great outfits with contrasting patterns and colors. i am sure some people give us weird looks when we are in public, but honestly i do not care. i have even gone as far as letting her wear a nightgown as a dress, eh whatever. i would hope that people would realize that she is the one choosing the outfits, not me. even so though, who cares! she looks friggin adorable! today we were at the grocery and she had on a flower headband complete with giant petals that stood 6 inches off her head. she kept telling me that everyone thought she looked so cute.