4 months old

you are now 4 months old! you started eating cereal on saturday and at first you were not sure if you wanted anything to do with it. but after a bit of a struggle, you got the first bite down and then it was smooth sailing! now after several days of cereal, you are a big fan and i no longer have to struggle to get you to eat. i find that stripping you down to just your diaper is the best idea. although you do still end up with about 1/4 of the stuff on you face, arms, legs and stomach. after the cereal dries, it turns into some kind of super glue that does not wipe off!

you are still doing fantastic at the sitter's (mama chris) house. i think you really like it there and for sure she has been able to get you on a great schedule. the only problem is that on weekends, you abandon your schedule and try your best to stay awake the whole day. i like to think this is becuase you want to enjoy quality time with your mommy! you are all smiles and giggles most of the time and that makes me so happy! i think i am very lucky to have such a good baby!



it has been so long since i have posted on here. i am a slacker mom. okay so i am not a slacker mom, but i am a working mom. i still havent poseted belas 4 month old blog. soon. and new pics also. and a picture of my hair.

maybe i am a slacker mom.



so brett did great last night putting scout to bed. i didnt have any doubts! he is such a good daddy.
also yesterday brett called and asked why i didnt wake him up in the morning to say bye to the baby (i usually do). very cute. so i was sure to wake him this morning with a big baby smile!
in other news, i have new cute hair. i will have to take a picture of me and the girl tonight.


another first

its tuesday and this week is not going nearly as fast as last week. grrr.
tonight is a big night, brett will be putting the peanut to bed unassisted. i have a hair appointment at 6pm so i will not be home until late. i know he will be fine! this is the first night that i haven't put her to bed since she was born! a few times my mom has put her to bed, but i was there. tonight i will not get to even see her and kiss her goodnight. although i guess all of that will be made up by the fact that i get to do the mid night feedings! fun.
speaking of nightly feedings. did i mention last night she woke up 5 times!?

5 times

last night bela woke up 5 TIMES! 5 TIMES. its like she is a newborn again!



the first week is finally over! actually i shouldnt say that because the week actually went pretty fast. it didnt take me long to get back into the swing of things at work. it was really nice to see everyone again. i cant even count how many times i was told 'we missed you' and 'it is great to have you back'.
on the bela front, it is fantastic to have a whole weekend to spend with her!! today we spent the day shopping with the girls. she was a perfect angel all day long! so nice to have my girl with me.
so on monday i have to go to work again. i think this week will be ok. better than last week for sure! also from the report i heard from chris, bela is doing a great job at daycare. she has been eating and napping like a champ. makes my days a lot better to know that she is content. i just hope she thinks about me!


the sweetest pea

she truly is the sweetest pea! just look at that little face!


second day

another day under my belt. this first week is going pretty quick. i think it helps out a lot that i have something to look forward to at the end of each day!


first day

i am at work right now. everything is going fine, but i still wish that i wasnt here! i called to check on the baby and she was doing great. this day is half over and 5 oclock cant come sooner! can't wait to see my girl!



i am honestly getting really nervous about monday. my stomach is in knots and flip flops. please let this week go fast. i am sure this will be so much easier on bela, but i also hope that she does well at day care. i hope that she gets on a good nap and feeding schedule. i also hope that she doesnt give christine any trouble with bottle feeding. ok no more, i cant dwell on this. i just need to appreciate the time i have!!


my sister and the girls were here this week! it was fantastic!


winding down

only 3 more days with my girl. i am not sure how i am going to do this. a part of me is looking forward to going back to work, but as soon as i think that i feel guilty. i wish i could just stay at home with her, but i know that isn't possible. i wish i could just fast forward through next week. i think it will get way easier after i have next week behind me. geez... monday is going to be the hardest day of my life.


bath water

this is bela drinking the bath water, well actually sucking the bath water out of a washcloth. she loves it. in case you couldnt tell that from the crazy eyes. plus this picture is just too cute.

last week

so this is my last week as a full time mama. sad. i have to go back to work on monday march 13th and bela goes to the big bad day care. i shouldnt say that, we are very fortunate to have found a wonderful woman to watch bela. almost as comforting as having my own mom.

on the upside, my sister and the girls are in town!! so glad to have her here this week, i do not anticipate it being very easy for me.