we went to the zoo yesterday with michelle. she took a bunch of pics of bela, this is one of them. i will post more when i get them!


kiddie park

today brett and i took bela to the memphis kiddie park, what a cool place! she loved it! she rode most of the rides by herself, but brett had to ride with her on the roller coaster, you can tell how much fun that was for him, he was a little sore afterwards.

rare photo

its not very good but i had to post it up!



bela still hasnt settled on a halloween costume but this is a definite possibility! oma bought her a few things on sale at the end of last season and this one has been worn a lot lately with her new wizard of oz obsession. oma surprised her yesterday with the shoes to match.



brett took bela fishing and even bought her a barbie "fishing wand". this is the outfit that she picked out for the occasion.


video time!

video of bela trying to fly in her fairy princess costume from k&k. she thought it might be possible with some help from the balloon!
.video of bela pedaling her bicycle, one foot at a time, but i guess you gotta start somewhere! also for those of you who dont know, in bela language bicycle rhymes with michael


daddys home!

brett got home late last night. bela requested a "pink t shirt with a dragon on it" for a souvenir, sadly brett wasnt able to fill that order so he got her a toddler size mexican wrestling mask instead. bela thinks its the coolest.



brett is still gone and bela and i have been keeping ourselves really busy! I actually had plans over the weekend which was nice so bela was at karen and karons on friday and my moms house on saturday. of course she came home with new princess dress up clothes and books from karen and karon. then oma took her for a haircut and got her nails painted!

last night we had a sleepover with meg and bri and filled some much needed girl time. today bela and i are just hanging out but then fritz is coming over for dinner tonight. tomorrow night i am going to a show! take that cruisin daddy, we have plenty to do!! :)


kinda like spring break

so last night brett and i are watching tv and his phone rings. its a friend that he used to work with at gc. through some stroke of luck he won an all expense paid cruise to cabo from work. his wife doesnt want to go and he invited brett! so it looks like my husband is leaving on saturday for cabo! totally nuts! i am so excited for him, but so jealous too!! he is gonna have an awesome time. although of course he doesnt drink and is so picky when it comes to food that really i should be the one going! :)

so i will be husbandless for about a week if anyone wants to come hang out at my house with me!! i am gonna be lonely!



on sunday morning we met karyn and emma at the zoo! we had so much fun and i really think bela is finally at the age that she gets it. and to my great amazement she walked the entire time and didnt beg me to carry her! i am sure that was mostly thanks to emma holding her hand. i didnt take many pics, but hopefully karyn will send me some to add. not that you can even really tell where these pics were taken, no animals! oops!