especially for karon...

mmmmm.... parmesan cheese!!

with aunt becky

bela is spending the whole day tomorrow with my oldest and dearest friend becky. i know she will be sufficiently spoiled rotten and have a great time!


little beauty!

this little cutie is going to be two in two months!!! i cant even believe it.


creating a fan

on monday night chris and i went to see holly golightly at the beachland.
it was awesome despite my tiredness. you really realize how old you are
when you are no longer able to stay up late and then function at a
normal level the next day. old, old, old. anyhow we had a great time
and the show was amazing. so at the end when holly pulled out tshirts for sale, i instantly jumped at buying one for bela. well chris bought it but its hers. gotta start her out early with the music appreciation!!


lets see if this works.....


so bela was sick and then i was sick a few days later. i am feeling better finally and so ready to go back to work tomorrow!!



sick. by yesterday afternoon bela seemed to be fine and back to her normal self, but then she woke up sick twice last night. tending to a sick baby in the dark is tough, but not until this morning did i realize the extent of the damage. i put her directly in the tub and she screamed the whole time. i think we might head to my folks house so she can at least be sick in air conditioning.


home sick

bela has a stomach bug today. i picked her up from day care yesterday and she threw up all over me and it continued through the night. hopefully its just the 24 hour kind...



ive taken to calling bela a hobo-diva... i think it fits

high maintenance already

last night we went over to hang out with megs and sebrina for a while after i picked bela up. megs just got a little playhouse for the backyard with a ladder, a slide and a pool at the bottom. so the girls had fun going up and down the ladder and landing in the pool. by the time we got home it was after 7 and bela was in dire need of a bath and dinner.
i didnt get her in bed until 7:45 and was sure she would pass out cold. at nearly 9 i peeked in at her and she stood with her sippy cup in hand and said "more?". it was almost as if she had just been waiting patiently for someone to come in and give her a refill.

this morning i was late to work because my little diva refused to get dressed in the outfit i picked out for her. she wouldnt even let me take her pjs off. she kept pushing my hand away saying no. so i ended up having to give her options and letting her choose. it was my only way to gt out of the house. so in the end she looks a bit like a hobo today. but she was happy and proud as we walked out of the house so its all good i guess.