we leave for vacation tomorrow! the plan is to get on the road around 4pm. we are hoping that after a few hours on the road the babies will then fall asleep for the night. in a perfect world. then we can get in at least half of the driving that night. we plan on stopping at about midnight to sleep for the night. i will let you know how this plan based wholly on wishful thinking turns out!!

on another bad mom note, bela tasted ice cream the other day. holy buckets, she loved it! she just sat there with her little tongue out eyeing the cone! then she looked at brittany as if thinking, why you gotta hold out on your girl? it was funny. maybe i am a bad mom, but its not like she ate a whole pint of ben and jerrys.


rain rain go away

brittany and i took bela for a walk on sunday. at one point there was a sprinkler in our path. i figured i would just go through it, what harm could a couple of water sprinkles do? whoa. bela screamed like it was her job! so about a half hour later when a monsoon like rain storm came out of nowhere, bela was less than pleased. you would have thought this girl was in tremendous pain, she was crying out like a banshee! by the time we got home, after 3 blocks of rain, we all looked like drowned rats. bela was not a happy camper.


lazy days

not much going on with us this weekend. bela spent the night at oma and grandpas on friday night. she got to go to her first wedding on saturday afternoon with oma and aunt dee.
yesterday we hung out with michelle and the kids at the art fest on our street. it was so super hot. gross.
today is sunday and our only plans are an ice cream date with brittany. and a walk.
check out my bela, she is one tough cookie! she looks so mad, but was actually just tired.



she loves it, she is a jumping fool.



belas new thing is rolling over onto her belly. she has been able to do it for quite a while now, but she finally has it down. she doesnt just flop over, she has control over the speed and whatnot. well in the past week, this has caused bedtime complications.
last night after only 2 hours of sleep she woke up crying. i went upstairs and she looked up at me, on her belly, as if she didnt know how she got that way or why i wasnt helping her. i flipped her over onto her back and she passed back out.
about 2 more hours passed and she was yelping again. this time i went up and she was on her belly, but still fast asleep. i flipped her over and she didnt even stir.
hopefully soon she will become a stomach sleeper and we can all get a bit more sleep.

re: date night

we had a wonderful anniversary dinner, we just went to longhorn, nothing fancy, but close to home and to target!
bela was great for brittany. she passed out cold in her arms before she bedtime bottle. so for the rest of the night i kept waiting for her to wake up starving. this didnt happen until 11. not bad.
we will for sure have to do more date nights! i know brittany would love to babysit!


date night

brett and i are going out on a date tonight! i cant even remember the last time that we went out without our little bela! june 7th was our four year anniversary, gotta celebrate! brittany is babysitting tonight, which will include feeding, putting on jimjams and putting to bed. this will be the first non family member to put her to bed. i am sure she will be fine, she has been great at bed time lately. of course brittany will be fine, i have no worries when she is around.
last night i put her to bed and went to the grocery store at 7:30. brett was home of course, he said she didnt finally go to bed until 8:15. i blame the nap until 5pm at omas house. but she slept until almost 7 this morning so i am not complaining!
back to the date. no idea where we will go to dinner. i will for sure update on this tomorrow! all i know is that wherever we go, i am having a drink! crazy mommy out on the town!


friday night

so last night i was at my folks house still. they went out, i stayed in. bela was such a tired little monkey that she passed out at 6. i made myself some dinner and then took a bath. brittany called and decided to come out to hang with me for a bit. so nice! we made a tshirt for a friends baby. then we made a really cute tshirt for bela with daddys band on it! pics to come soon!
staying at my parents until sunday afternoon. kinda like being on vacation, my mom takes good care of us!
speaking of vacation, we will be leaving for SC in less than 2 weeks!


new shoes!

uncle brent and aunt michelle got bela some new cool kicks! she had a great time with them at her sleepover sunday night. they took her to see her new baby cousin and to the mall to get shoes. she is so spoiled!
today bela is spending the day with my friend michelle. when i dropper her off this morning she was very excited because michelles kids were there to play with her. she loves kids.



bela had a sleepover last night at bretts brother and his wifes house. i went out last night for wings and drinks, i felt so irresponsible, but had a great time! can't wait to see my girl after work though!
mama chris is on vacation and so bela is gonna be passed around a bit. brett is keeping her all day tomorrow though so that will be nice.
in other weekend news, we went to the zoo on saturday! it was a lot of fun and bela seemed to enjoy the animals, although she more enjoyed looking at all the kids!