doctor doctor

yesterday bela had her 2 year doctors appointment. she now weighs 23.3 pounds, only at 7th percentile, but she eats like a horse so i suppose there isnt much we can do! when the dcotor came in and asked her how she was doing, she responded "awesome!". when the nurse came in to give her a shot, she was lying on her back on the table waiting patiently. when the nurse was ready, i asked bela if she wanted to see and she propped up on her elbows. she watched (just like mama!) and didnt cry or even flinch! such a big girl. we have been reading an elmo book for the past week about going for a check up, maybe it actually helped!


the shoes!

finally the search has ended. big thanks to the ladies k for this wonderful find and gift!



my mom and i have been tossing around ideas for a bela picture xmas card. this is one of the rejected ones. but it is too funny. brett hated it.


better late than never

here are some pics from lame "light up lakewood" thingy we went to with mo and andy.


there are no words

my mom took these pictures yesterday. cute.


santa, stay back!

bela is currently obsessed with santa, but only from afar. if he is on tv she gets really excited and has to make sure that i know who he is. she likes to shout across the room to him and wave, but dont dare put her on his lap or ask her to touch him. hopefully she gets over this before we take her to see him at the mall!! enjoy some pics.