this kid

heres some pics of bela not in pink. oh and a video cuz i know you enjoy her sweet singing voice.


oh right

so yesterday i had one of those weird conversations with brett that makes you laugh afterwards, like wow.. never thought i would say that. we got home from my moms and brett asked "did you get her hair cut again? it looks different." my response "nope, my mom just straightened it with the flat iron."

haha it did look cute though!!


just pics

here are a few pictures that were hanging out on my phone. enjoy!


race weekend in cinci

so jenny, bela and i travelled to cincinnati on friday evening to visit my sister and family. also everyone was participating in some way in the flying pig marathon events. on saturday franka (and heather) ran the mile and holly (and paul), jenny and i did the 5k. bela ran the piglet fun run and didnt fall! on sunday jenny and i stayed home with the kids and heather and paul ran the half marathon. big weekend of running!!


beachy day

we got home from our cinci road trip at about 4 today. as we drove past edgewater bela asked if we could go to the beach. so we did. lots of good pics!!


off to cinci

we are heading to cinci for the weekend today at about 4:30!! yippee! i will try to remember to take pics... i did pack my camera so i really have no excuse!!