not gonna bore you with details

no cinci pics. camera malfunction to say the least. check these instead.

my mom, aunt marilyn and i took bela to a creek to play in the water. to hear bela tell it she went fishing in the ocean. in all fairness there were small minnows and she did have a net. there was also a man there drinking a tall boy at 10 am.


just a little behind, as usual

yes we are in cincinnati right now, but last weekend macey was home for the weekend so these are pics from then. you all know i get behind and post late. no excuses, but we have been in cinci since friday and will be here until wednesday! bela and i are both covered in mosquito bites, but having tons of fun! i just realized that i have yet to take a picture here, but will pull out the camera later today. tomorrow will be full of photos opportunities - holly starts school and so we are gonna take the little ones to the zoo because they will surely be missing her!!


backyard playground

here is a video of franka on the roller coaster race car thingy at the new indoor playground we went to today! too funny!!

we miss you!

bela and i cant wait until saturday when we get to see macey! she has been in florida for like 3 weeks for her new job and we miss her!! we will be in mentor for the weekend catching up with her! she hates pics of herself, but i just love this one!!


see what looking pretty cool will get ya?

yesterday mom and i took bela to "pigtails and crewcuts" to get her hair cut. this has got to be the coolest kids salon ever! bela now has a new hip haircut. she looks so darn cute and totally thinks she is so cool.

did i fail to mention that i got her ears pierced? thanks daddy for caving on that one. :) its been about 4 weeks already! last week she lost one, no clue how, and so we had to get it re-pierced so she is currently wearing a mismatched pair.

such a little lady!