so we spent the weekend at my parents house and bela was for sure spoiled as usual. my mom and karen bought her a ton of cute new clothes and hats.
on saturday we took her to the beach and she loved it!! she wanted to run right into the water and play, no fear that girl! then we went to coldstone and bela had cotton candy ice cream, it was blue and she loved it. i usually limit her to vanilla so she was in heaven!

saturday night i went to the grog to see the stills.. hold moly i am newly in love with them (again) and the cds have no left my player since then.



yes, i know... blah, blah, blah.
bela is spending the day being spoiled and loved to death by oma and aunt karen. lucky girl!
we are spending the weekend at my moms because brett has show tonight and tomorrow night and wont be home anyhow.
tomorrow i am going out to a show and i am so excited for some grown up mama time!
more later!


friday plans

my bela was so excited to see me yesterday when my mom brought her back to my work. and of course i was excited to see her!! i really missed her even though it was only a day and a half.
in mama news, brittany is taking me to dinner to tonight at moxie and i cant wait!! i spent a lot of time on the website yesterday looking at the menu. all i have to say is that they have a section of the menu just for cheese. hold moly. that brittany treats us all way too good. love her!


babyless night

my mom picked bela up yesterday morning and will be bringing her back to my work this afternoon around 4. thats a lot of babyless time after last week of baby filled time! i surely didnt know what to do with myself! brittany, chris and i went to the lizard for dinner and i had a beer! it was awesome.
i cant wait to see my girl today and hear all about her adventures!


back to life

so i am now back at work after a nice bela-filled vacation! i guess its a good thing that i like my job because i didnt mind having to come back. although i definitely miss my baby girl!!


final vacation day

so i skipped a day...
but in all fairness yesterday was so crazy with two babies that i barely had time to pee let alone type a blog.
the zoo trip was very eventful, for the first 20 minutes both girls were
content in the wagon we rented, but then they both wanted to just run
around and be free. at one pointsebrina was pulling the wagon and bela was pushing from behind. we were only there for about an hour and a half and then left to get ice cream. we took megs and sebrina to malleys for their first deliciousness experience. yum.
so then yesterday was two baby day. the only fought minimally and took staggered naps which was a nice break for me. all in all not too bad, but i do feel for the mothers of twins, i could never do it.
today is the final official vacation day for us. we are going to hang out with andy and go to the nature preserve in bay village. that is if the monkey baby will ever take a nap....
tonight brett and are going out for our fifth anniversary dinner, bela will be at home with a sitter. this will be her first time being put to bed by someone other than me, brett or other family.


vacation - day three

day three already! the time is going way too fast!
yesterday was a nice day because it was bretts day off, unfortunately the weather was pretty crappy. while bela napped i went to the library. it was nice to be able to browse rather than grab and go which is what i normally end up doing before bela tears the place up.
after bela woke up we ran to the bank and to a new grocery store in the area, you
know how much i love those! i was making a good dinner and was missing
a few things.
later in the day i took bela for a walk, but it was rather chilly and didnt last long.
the weather says its supposed to warm up today and then even more so tomorrow and friday. i sure hope so!
today bela slept until 7:45 again! we have plans to go to the zoo today with megs and sebrina, hope we dont freeze!!
more later and hopefully zoo pics!


vacation - day two

Yesterdays lunchdate/playdate was fantastic! bela and the other little girl played really well together and the mamas had time to drink coffee and catch up.

this morning bela slept until 7:45! wonderful start to vacation day two!


vacation - day one

this is day one of my vacation!!
today is going well already with nap success. i needed bela go down by 10:30 since we need to leave the house by 1 for our playdate/lunch
date. like a champ she was out by 10:20 and now i am just keeping
fingers crossed that she stays asleep long enough for me tovacuum, sweep the kitchen and then shower and get ready, but i am not gonna push my luck.
hopefully the weather stays nice today, i would like to take bela
to the park or the beach to run around a bit later on. I really feel
like i need to maximize my time since its not often that i get whole
days in a row with her.
i am going to do my best to keep up on
daily posting too, but i make no guarantees that they are gonna be
extensive or mind blowing. i also know that if idont there are a few of you that wont let me forget it.

more later!