vacation - day three

day three already! the time is going way too fast!
yesterday was a nice day because it was bretts day off, unfortunately the weather was pretty crappy. while bela napped i went to the library. it was nice to be able to browse rather than grab and go which is what i normally end up doing before bela tears the place up.
after bela woke up we ran to the bank and to a new grocery store in the area, you
know how much i love those! i was making a good dinner and was missing
a few things.
later in the day i took bela for a walk, but it was rather chilly and didnt last long.
the weather says its supposed to warm up today and then even more so tomorrow and friday. i sure hope so!
today bela slept until 7:45 again! we have plans to go to the zoo today with megs and sebrina, hope we dont freeze!!
more later and hopefully zoo pics!

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