new and improved?

so i have given the blog a facelift, obviously a halloween theme for now! whatca think?



i hate commercials! ok i dont hate them, i kinda like some of them, but i hate them when bela is in the room. this is the reason that we usually watch pbs, no commercials! xmas is upon us, so every commercial break is filled with toys. being the nice mama that i am, i recorded alice in wonderland for bela to watch but it has commercials! and of course she wont let me fast forward through them, she wants to see what she is missing out on. so just in this last commercial break i heard "i want a puppy that swims like that!", "i need a party dress wearing bear like that!" and "i need a tink that flies like that!". UGH. she then followed all of those statements with "for my birthday".
you all now how i am with toys, i get it from my sister, no crappy plastic junk! i like learning toys and nice wooden stuff. no swimming puppies or giant hair styling heads of dora!!
enough. sorry for the vent.


i took bela to a pumpkin festival on sunday! we had so much fun!

these cuties

bela and sebrina playing dress up!


little princess

we were out running errands today with jamie and she bought bela this outfit at target! her first tutu! also bela messing around on the the piano. she actually looks like she knows what she is doing!



bela and i went apple picking on saturday with my friend brandi. it was so much fun and bela loved it!


happy birthday franka!

today is my niece's third birthday!! we love you franka!! xoxo

another michelle creation


baby baby

starting today i am watching baby jack, his mama is one of my good friends and went back to work today. he is 10 weeks old and super cute. he is such a good baby so far and does lots of eating and sleeping. i will have him everyday and then sebrina still three days a week. it is gonna take some time for me to get into the swing of things but i know its going to be great!