i hate commercials! ok i dont hate them, i kinda like some of them, but i hate them when bela is in the room. this is the reason that we usually watch pbs, no commercials! xmas is upon us, so every commercial break is filled with toys. being the nice mama that i am, i recorded alice in wonderland for bela to watch but it has commercials! and of course she wont let me fast forward through them, she wants to see what she is missing out on. so just in this last commercial break i heard "i want a puppy that swims like that!", "i need a party dress wearing bear like that!" and "i need a tink that flies like that!". UGH. she then followed all of those statements with "for my birthday".
you all now how i am with toys, i get it from my sister, no crappy plastic junk! i like learning toys and nice wooden stuff. no swimming puppies or giant hair styling heads of dora!!
enough. sorry for the vent.

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Anonymous said...

but they are only little once, and if daddy doesnt mind, its okay!!!!!!!!!
Love momma