guest sitter

mama chris is out of town so her daughter is taking over today and tomorrow! bela really likes her so its fine by me. i just called to check on her and was told that she was running the show and is for sure the boss of daycare. thats my bela!



two strange things happened this morning all before 8:00am.

first, i was standing in the bathroom putting on mascara when bela came out of her room and down the hall. she was carrying a boris in each hand and had a look on her face that was a mix between "what kinda scam are you running here?" and "holy moly i just hit the jackpot!". as previously mentioned, there are many bori, but this is a secret that is meant to be kept. it started out with just one backup, but now there are a total of 8 in circulation. i am not sure how i allowed this to happen, but i quickly grabbed one from her tiny hand and threw it in the closet and scopped her up. i am just hoping that she will forget it ever happened.

second, we all know how much bela loves mama chris, most days it is all i can to pry her away and out the door at the end of the day. well this morning when we walked in, she didnt automatically reach for mama chris and when she did, she was reluctant. when i turned to leave, she actually started crying. that was a first! it broke my heart to leave her like that! one of the only things that gets me through the day is knowing that she loves it there. i called an hour later and was told that she quickly forgot the incident and was back to normal within minutes. glad mama.


back to the sick for a second

so in reference to the pukey virus that bela just recovered from, i would like to give a shout out to my favorite mama blog here. yes i know that dooce is the bomb, yes i love her too, but i think this lady is hilarious and her daughter is such a little trooper. she is exactly how i picture bela being at that age. check her out, she rules.


saving daylight

bela was all confused by this daylight savings garbage. this morning she didnt wake up at her usual 6am. nice, right? wrong, that just meant that i had to wake her little booty up which made for a very cranky baby. then bedtime came, normally 7pm on the dot, she doesnt usually make it a minute past. tonight, 8pm. so i know that some are thinking, that means mama gets to sleep in and then have more bela time at night. wrong. that means cranky bela at both ends and i still gotta wake up at 6am for work. i am hoping that this works itself out in a few days. but if not, eh more quality time is fine by me too even if it is with a monster.



bela is finally over the crazy tummy bug and back to her old self again. i am so relieved. my girl is normal again!


daddy day

today brett stayed home with bela, she seems to be at the tail end of this bug, so this should be her last sick day. i talked to brett around lunch time and he was planning on taking bela to the comic shop when she woke up from her nap. i cant wait to hear how the day went! this is really his first whole day with her, i am sure they will both enjoy it!


sick girl

bela has been sick with a stomach bug since saturday. it all started when i went into her room in the morning to get her, there she was covered in crusted puke. nice, sadly no pictures. anyhow she is still sick now, although not as bad as in the beginning. its so hard with a sick baby, i know that she is feeling bad, but she cant tell me about it. she is very whiny and grumbly and just wants to snuggle on my lap. that part i am enjoying. i just want her to be back to her normal self now though, poor kid. tomorrow we will be back to life though, i have to go to work and she has to go to daycare. i think she will be fine, the lack of mama will be replaced with mama chris and her friends and that should make things ok. i hope.


stirring up change

i am so witty with that title.... or maybe not since i felt that i needed to point it out, ugh. (sidenote- i would like to point out the crazy-fab pants bela has on in the pic to the left)
so i officially have a new job that i LOVE. I am still at the same non profit, just a different department, out of the hood. things are great and i am so happy.

bela is officially a seasoned walker, last night she even attempted to run down the hall. she is also now in her big girl car seat!! she is still eating anything and everything and has a new found love of olives.
if the moment is right, you can get her to blow kisses, too cute. the other night she was sitting in her high chair dropping peas for the kitties. i said bye-bye peas, she looked at me, looked at the peas and then blew them a kiss. i almost died.
in other bela news, she is obsessed with stirring. this girl will stir all day long, and most days she does. give her some sort of bowl and a spoon, she is in heaven. heck, give her a stick and a plate, she will stir it. no stick, she will use her finger. obsessed. is this weird? some sort of deep seeded need to stir? i might need some feed back on that. anyone?
last night bela discovered she had a tongue, i guess. she was in the tub rolling her tongue and sucking on it. funny girl.
last thing, not quite ready to deal with this, but that didnt stop it from happening. katie is gone. she was here, we played, shes gone. i dont think i can go into it any further than that cuz it makes me sad that its over. friggin love that girl, she is my soulmate.