two strange things happened this morning all before 8:00am.

first, i was standing in the bathroom putting on mascara when bela came out of her room and down the hall. she was carrying a boris in each hand and had a look on her face that was a mix between "what kinda scam are you running here?" and "holy moly i just hit the jackpot!". as previously mentioned, there are many bori, but this is a secret that is meant to be kept. it started out with just one backup, but now there are a total of 8 in circulation. i am not sure how i allowed this to happen, but i quickly grabbed one from her tiny hand and threw it in the closet and scopped her up. i am just hoping that she will forget it ever happened.

second, we all know how much bela loves mama chris, most days it is all i can to pry her away and out the door at the end of the day. well this morning when we walked in, she didnt automatically reach for mama chris and when she did, she was reluctant. when i turned to leave, she actually started crying. that was a first! it broke my heart to leave her like that! one of the only things that gets me through the day is knowing that she loves it there. i called an hour later and was told that she quickly forgot the incident and was back to normal within minutes. glad mama.

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kgb said...

Yesterday I had to take Felix to the doctor because he was crying because his ear was sore. And then he stayed home from school. He let me go with no problems, but I called home in the middle of the day to check on him. Oh the tears and the saddness, it damn near broke my heart... Tell Bela its okay - I know you'll always be back for her...