stirring up change

i am so witty with that title.... or maybe not since i felt that i needed to point it out, ugh. (sidenote- i would like to point out the crazy-fab pants bela has on in the pic to the left)
so i officially have a new job that i LOVE. I am still at the same non profit, just a different department, out of the hood. things are great and i am so happy.

bela is officially a seasoned walker, last night she even attempted to run down the hall. she is also now in her big girl car seat!! she is still eating anything and everything and has a new found love of olives.
if the moment is right, you can get her to blow kisses, too cute. the other night she was sitting in her high chair dropping peas for the kitties. i said bye-bye peas, she looked at me, looked at the peas and then blew them a kiss. i almost died.
in other bela news, she is obsessed with stirring. this girl will stir all day long, and most days she does. give her some sort of bowl and a spoon, she is in heaven. heck, give her a stick and a plate, she will stir it. no stick, she will use her finger. obsessed. is this weird? some sort of deep seeded need to stir? i might need some feed back on that. anyone?
last night bela discovered she had a tongue, i guess. she was in the tub rolling her tongue and sucking on it. funny girl.
last thing, not quite ready to deal with this, but that didnt stop it from happening. katie is gone. she was here, we played, shes gone. i dont think i can go into it any further than that cuz it makes me sad that its over. friggin love that girl, she is my soulmate.

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