whats that?

belas favorite thing right now is asking “whats that?”. she will ask what everything is, even if she knows. i guess this is a good thing, she is learning to be inquisitive and broadening her intellectual functioning. or something like that. this is increasingly problematic when we are reading books.

“whats that mama?”
“thats a monkey”
“whats that?”
“that’s the monkeys arm”
“whats that mama?”
“that’s the monkeys tail"

you see where i am going with this. yesterday in the car she was looking at a book and asking me what everything was, major driving safety issue of course. so when she asked me “whats that?” i would respond “you tell mama what it is” and she would. i am sure this phase is only a stepping stone into the next one, the never ending “why” stage. patience mama, patience.


head injury

on saturday afternoon bela and i met my dear friend mike and his amazing girlfriend katie for coffee. everything was great and bela was her usual charming self. i really enjoyed catching up with mike and finally meeting katie. during most of the visit bela wanted to sit on the potty, a normal practice these days. finally as we were parting ways i took her into the bathroom. after she was done, i was on my knees zipping her up and she decided to close the toilet lid. on my head. of course this wasnt on purpose, but i felt as if i was going to pass out. i reached my hand to my aching forehead; sure i would come back with blood. no blood, thank goodness, but the pain was immense and still with me today. for the rest of the evening i felt dizzy and nauseous. of course things were made better by two dirty martinis later in the evening. so i am still recovering, but will for sure be more cautious in the future of the proximity of my head to the toilet.


oma day

my mom had the day off on monday so she kept bela for the day. heres the pics.



its official! brett, bela and i are going on vacation!! we will be leaving on march 26th to florida with patrick and his family. i am so excited!!


big girl

my big girl is on her way in the potty training world. on friday mama chris told me that it was belas turn. fine by me!! yesterday when i walked in to pick her up she ran up to me and said "i poopoo potty mama!". too much information? deal with it. more to come.


old pics

my sister in law just sent me these pictures from thanksgiving at my father in laws of bela and her cousin hailey. too cute. hailey just wanted to hug bela the whole time, but bela wasn't having it.


attention shoppers

my mom and i took bela to the mall on saturday in hopes of finding a winter coat for me. better late than never i guess, although my opinion is that i have made it this long, why bother now. anyhow bela was obsessed with the mannequins at macys, we literally had to drag her away kicking and screaming. i didnt find a coat.