head injury

on saturday afternoon bela and i met my dear friend mike and his amazing girlfriend katie for coffee. everything was great and bela was her usual charming self. i really enjoyed catching up with mike and finally meeting katie. during most of the visit bela wanted to sit on the potty, a normal practice these days. finally as we were parting ways i took her into the bathroom. after she was done, i was on my knees zipping her up and she decided to close the toilet lid. on my head. of course this wasnt on purpose, but i felt as if i was going to pass out. i reached my hand to my aching forehead; sure i would come back with blood. no blood, thank goodness, but the pain was immense and still with me today. for the rest of the evening i felt dizzy and nauseous. of course things were made better by two dirty martinis later in the evening. so i am still recovering, but will for sure be more cautious in the future of the proximity of my head to the toilet.


seibu1 said...

Oh no!!

I knew that bathroom obsession of hers would lead to trouble!

We had a great time, it was great seeing you and so nice to see little Bela again!!

Katie said...

It was wonderful meeting you both! I wish we could have been there during the head injury...not to laugh, but to help...I promise. Hope to see you again some time soon. You've got a beautiful young lady there!