whats that?

belas favorite thing right now is asking “whats that?”. she will ask what everything is, even if she knows. i guess this is a good thing, she is learning to be inquisitive and broadening her intellectual functioning. or something like that. this is increasingly problematic when we are reading books.

“whats that mama?”
“thats a monkey”
“whats that?”
“that’s the monkeys arm”
“whats that mama?”
“that’s the monkeys tail"

you see where i am going with this. yesterday in the car she was looking at a book and asking me what everything was, major driving safety issue of course. so when she asked me “whats that?” i would respond “you tell mama what it is” and she would. i am sure this phase is only a stepping stone into the next one, the never ending “why” stage. patience mama, patience.

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