a list of things you like(as far as i can tell): mommy, daddy, sleeping, not sleeping, watching tv, sucking on anything and everything, drinking bath water, the disco ball at omas

back to reality

we are back at home today. it was really fun being at my parents house, kinda nice to have my mom around to help out with bela. brett comes home tonight, can't wait to see him!!


stupid snow

so bela and i are crashing at my folks for a few days because brett(daddy) is in LA for work. i am so jealous right now because he is walking around in a tshirt and we are in the middle of a crazy blizzard! brett called a few hours ago asking if i could please send him the baby so he could just stay there, joking of course. but ohio does suck.


3 months old!

today you are 3 months old! i can't believe it. only about 2 more weeks until i have to go back to work, but lets not think about that. you are very into playing with your hands these days. also you are smiling, laughing and making all kinds of talking noises. chris thinks you are trying to say hair. you are very responsive to faces, especially mommy and daddy. and i would just like it to be known that i know all babies like their mommies, but i think you are wild about me! you think i am great even if you are still not entirely sure who i am! you are still not sleeping through the night, but i secretly still enjoy that you still need me. although a full nights sleep would be nice.


re: big night

i had a great time tonight! we saw transamerica and it was fantastic.
bela actually woke up before i got home, which is strange. i think she must be going through a growth spurt cuz she has been waking up to eat a lot at night. last night she went to bed at 6pm. she woke up during the night at 12:00, 1:15, 2:30, 5:30 and then up for the day at 7:00. weird. it seems that tonight might be another one of those nights!

big night

tonight i am going to a movie with my friend michele. my first big night out without the baby! i hope that she is good for brett, but if not i know he can handle it. mommy's night out!!


here i am!

we were in cinci for the weekend! belas second road trip and she is only 3 months old! well she will be 3 months old in 2 days. we had a fantastic time in cinci, but every visit just makes me miss my sister more and more. maybe one day we can live in the same city or atleast the same area code.

nothing really new in the world of bela. she will be having a whole day away from me this weekend! more on that later!


so nice

it is 55 degrees outside right now, its february, thats nuts for cleveland weather. so today we are going over to spend the day with michelle. always a great time! so lucky to have found such a nice person to hang out with. then when brett gets home i am going to the grocery store while he watches bela. i am so grateful for this because it will make my life a lot easier. she is napping right now and i hope it lasts so she will be a good girl when we are at michelles!!



my oldest and bestest friend sent this picture to her husband his response was priceless: "she looks a lot less fragile smiling like that. like you could make her giggle and not have to worry about her breaking."


catch up

so we overall had a great day yesterday, aside from the aforementioned poo disaster and also the fact that she barely napped.
my friend Melissa came over for lunch and brought me delicious liquid planet. had lots of fun chatting and catching up with her. we hadnt seen her since bela was 2 weeks old!
later in the day we got to hang out with sydney! we went to the mall and then to my new favorite starbucks. lots and lots of fun! she is one of few girls that i can honestly say i am on the same page with. we had so much catching up to do that i totally lost track of time and was only brought back to reality by bela crying that it was nearly bedtime. i was in desperate need of intelligent adult conversation. hopefully the two of us will keep this up! so sad since she lives one street away, why didnt we reconnect sooner!!??

too much information

so i am just gonna put it out on the table, all the details. bela had not pooped in close to a week. i believe this now to have been a major factor in the whole not eating debacle. so how does the little one solve this? yeah.. she pooped three times yesterday.. three.. yes, three. my only question now is, where was she storing all that poo?



just wanted to post this picture because it is so cute.


so on monday night bela decided that she didnt want to eat. i was up all night with her because when she woke up at 2am for her feeding, she didnt want to eat, so she wouldnt go back to sleep. we had a very rough night followed by a very rough day on tuesday. we took her to the doctor and found out that there was nothing wrong with her. by tuesday night i was at my wits end. left home and went over to my folks house so my mom could help out and maybe i could get some sleep. what a great idea! i love my mom! it is thursday morning now and everything is fine, bela is back to eating and napping like a champ. we are still at my moms house and i guess we will go home today, it has been so nice having her help out! i would like to stay here forever! but we both miss daddy and really need to get back to the real world.



yesterday we were at oma & grandpas house most of the day. my dad was out of town so my mom hosted a girl party! brittany came with me. it was a lot of fun. seeing my mom and her friends drunk is always a good time! bela didnt want to sleep, i think she was kinda thrown off by not being in her own bed. also very loud drunk women all over the place. but its ok cuz they were having a good time!


long day

so i spent most of the day trying to get bela to take naps. i did a pretty good job with 2 nap before noon. both only 45 minutes or so, but still an accomplishment. then michele came over and brought bela a ton of beautiful clothes!! after she left we went to the library. she slept the whole time we were out, about an hour i guess. then when we got home i attempted to get another nap out of her, but i guess i was asking too much for one day, but she slept for a half hour. then all hell broke loose. she decided to cry for about an hour straight. brett came home and she was a little angel for him. nuts. i calmed her with a bath and then got her down for bed at 7 with little stess. i have been reading too much lately and i think it is starting to freak me out. i keep telling myself that not all babies are the same and not all babies are written about in books. ugh.

2 things

first of all i just want to point out that bela has enough hair to wear a clip in it!! also she is getting a bunch of her clothes today! ok more later.