catch up

so we overall had a great day yesterday, aside from the aforementioned poo disaster and also the fact that she barely napped.
my friend Melissa came over for lunch and brought me delicious liquid planet. had lots of fun chatting and catching up with her. we hadnt seen her since bela was 2 weeks old!
later in the day we got to hang out with sydney! we went to the mall and then to my new favorite starbucks. lots and lots of fun! she is one of few girls that i can honestly say i am on the same page with. we had so much catching up to do that i totally lost track of time and was only brought back to reality by bela crying that it was nearly bedtime. i was in desperate need of intelligent adult conversation. hopefully the two of us will keep this up! so sad since she lives one street away, why didnt we reconnect sooner!!??

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