long day

so i spent most of the day trying to get bela to take naps. i did a pretty good job with 2 nap before noon. both only 45 minutes or so, but still an accomplishment. then michele came over and brought bela a ton of beautiful clothes!! after she left we went to the library. she slept the whole time we were out, about an hour i guess. then when we got home i attempted to get another nap out of her, but i guess i was asking too much for one day, but she slept for a half hour. then all hell broke loose. she decided to cry for about an hour straight. brett came home and she was a little angel for him. nuts. i calmed her with a bath and then got her down for bed at 7 with little stess. i have been reading too much lately and i think it is starting to freak me out. i keep telling myself that not all babies are the same and not all babies are written about in books. ugh.

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