new play

i took bela to a new playground in the area, well about 2 years old, but new to us!! so wonderful. my problem with other playgrounds is that there are all ages of kids running around with no regard to the little ones. this new playground is only for ages 2-5. perfect. it is small and completely fenced in so bela was able to run around and i didnt have to worry about her making a break for it or getting trampled. i want to go there everyday! of course i didnt have a my camera with me though so i have no pics, next time.


just cuz

mama rock

i am so totally going to the arcade fire show in columbus on october 5th, no matter what. i will be there.


this is it

so we went on vacation with meghan and sebrina and had an amazing time! we spent most of the days relaxing, swimming, playing in the sand and thats about it. megs and i had a lot of quality time together and i think we really needed it! her parents were fantastic and made bela and

i feel right at home from the very first second. amazingly enough, both girls slept unbelievably well at naps and bedtime. the only trip up was that bela wanted everyone to be awake at 7am when she was. on more than one morning she knocked on meg and sebrinas door and woke them up

a but earlier than meg would have liked. i have so many great stories and memories from this trip, but alas i can not type them all two weeks after the fact. enjoy the pics instead.


same old song and dance

i know, i know... this weekend there will be a halfass vacation update followed by current events. too little too late, ive heard it all before.


home safely

we are home from vacation, sad but true. i will do my best to post a recap soon, but way too tired and too busy at work to do it now. i also have lots of pics.


on the road

bela and i leave this afternoon for our mini vacation! meghan (and sebrina) invited us to come along to her parents cottage in canada. we leave today and will be heading back on tuesday sometime. i am so excited and looking forward to some time to hang out with megs, baby play time and beachy type relaxation. my wonderful mom was nice enough to lend me her old camera so i will actually have new pics to post!! i promise to blog a detailed account of our trip when we return!! bye for now! xoxoxo