diego and the rainforest

on saturday bela and i went to see diego live at the palace theater! thanks to brittany for hooking us up with the tickets! bela loved the show, of course, and was so good through the whole thing. she was dancing in the aisle with some other kids and just totally amazed that she was in the same room as diego and dora. the whole experience was just so cool for me since she had such a good time.we were not allowed to take pictures during the show though, which kinda sucked.

on sunday we went to the rainforest at the zoo and i took some cute pictures of bela outside. all around a good weekend.


stupid cleveland

its nearly may and bela had to wear a winter hat this morning.


first haircut!

of course i couldnt get a perfect picture of her but
you get the idea. she was pretty wiggly for the cut but it was also
about 6:30 by the time she got in the chair. she looks so darn cute
with a clean bob rather than the mess shewouldnt let me brush most days.


what to say

this bela girl is full of personality and her own ideas for sure. prime examples, both from last night. we were in the car on the way to mcdonalds to meet meg and bri for nuggets and playtime. bela asked where we were going, i told her and she said "play outside mama" i responded that we were going to play inside today. her response, "no mama i am sick of being inside". what!? no idea where she learned that. so later while playing on the slides and tunnels she came up to me and said "mama i take my pants off" and before i could even utter a word the pants were off and she was halfway across the room doing a little dance and saying "naked, naked". i had to corner her and tell her that we would have to go home right away if she couldnt follow the pants in public rule.

this kid had a mind of her own and she is full of sass. i love her to pieces.


missing disney vacation

this picture is so sweet.


more disney

bela is obsessed with disney. this morning she opted to watch the little mermaid cartoon over her usual dora. crazy.