more halloween fun

tonight bela and i are going to my folks for trick or treating fun!! more pics to follow soon!!


boo at the zoo

on sunday night we took bela to boo at the zoo. me, brett, oma, meghan, sebrina, mike (bris daddy) and bris grandparents. whole big lot of us. fun times. heres pics.i especially like the one of me on the cell phone with bela on my shoulders.


turn out the light, I'll stay if you want me to

ok so this is late, but we all know i am a slacker so whatever. on the 16th (yes over a week ago, i know i went to the grog shop with josie and dan to see the new amsterdams play. of course it is known that matt pryor is course the bext thing in my book. so with the sad fall of the get up kids
i quickly accepted the new amsterdams as a hopeful replacement. good deal. they are such good stuff. the show was amazing and matt even did a small solo acoustic session toward the end and a get up kids song. the best surprise of the show though was matts son)
was in attendance, he couldn't have been much more than 3 and cute as pie. this little guy just sat on the stage for the whole set (over an hour) with headphone on and maracas in hand. couldn't even believe the patience he had. i think i spent 80% of the show just staring at little elliot on stage. awesome. one day that might be bela. how cute would she be on stage amongst daddy, the young hots and rock? pretty darn cute, we might need to work on that.



oops.... busy mama. no post, i might be a liar.


doing what she does best

i will be updating tonight, i swear. i have a post about the new amsterdams show i went to last week in my brain. also lots of weekend family fun to report. in the meantime look at the pics and enjoy the bela cuteness.


cinci trip

we had a fantastic time in cinci this weekend!! of course it went way too fast and involved a lot of driving, but it was well worth it.
bela had so much fun playing with her cousins.
hugs and kisses and all that to heather, paul, holly and franka!! we love you and miss you already!!



i was just outside and i could see my breath. it was 88 on monday. stupid cleveland.

weekend plans

bela, oma and i are going to cinci for the weekend to hang with heather, paul and the girls. cant wait! its been so long since i have seen them!



the show on friday was AWESOME (you know thats good because of the abnormal use of caps). joanna and i had an old school road trip and finally got to meet our friend colleens baby, friggin adorable!! i didnt get to bed until after 1:30 but it was totally worth it!!

on saturday bela and i went to a first birthday party for cutie-patootie alex. we couldnt stay long though because brett and i had brandon and janines wedding reception later that night. we had a lot of fun and janine looked so gorgeous!

thanks to oma, gunka and the ladies k for keeping bela!

so all in all a very busy weekend, but well worth it! next weekend mom, bela and i are heading to cinci to see my sister! yay!


very old picture, but the hat doesnt fit anymore

night away

i am leaving work today at noon. yayayayaya. heading over to josies and then driving to columbus to see arcade fire!! yayayayayay!!! brett will be in charge of the bela for the night and the morning. i am so excited for the show, but will of course miss my girl.


sleepy mama

bela woke up last night at about 1:45am. it took me a while to get her back to bed and even then she ended up fussing back to sleep. when i got to bed it was after 2 and i then ended up awake until nearly 4:30. when my alarm went off at 6:15 i wasnt even sure if i had been awake or asleep. so today i am very sleepy and a bit worried about the bela. she was just a little stuffy when she woke up during the night. mostly we having been dealing with some separation anxiety over the last week or so. nearing 2 is rough on mama and bela!


pics from aunt becky

check out belas new hot pink boots!!


big girl

my mom and i went yesterday and bought bela her first potty!! brett and i set it up and then both joined bela in the bathroom for her first potty experience. she liked sitting on it, but then stood up and started to pee on the floor. i quickly sat her on the potty to finish and then we both of course made a huge deal and celebration of it. who would have thought 15 years ago when brett and i met that we would be spending a sunday afternoon like that.