turn out the light, I'll stay if you want me to

ok so this is late, but we all know i am a slacker so whatever. on the 16th (yes over a week ago, i know i went to the grog shop with josie and dan to see the new amsterdams play. of course it is known that matt pryor is course the bext thing in my book. so with the sad fall of the get up kids
i quickly accepted the new amsterdams as a hopeful replacement. good deal. they are such good stuff. the show was amazing and matt even did a small solo acoustic session toward the end and a get up kids song. the best surprise of the show though was matts son)
was in attendance, he couldn't have been much more than 3 and cute as pie. this little guy just sat on the stage for the whole set (over an hour) with headphone on and maracas in hand. couldn't even believe the patience he had. i think i spent 80% of the show just staring at little elliot on stage. awesome. one day that might be bela. how cute would she be on stage amongst daddy, the young hots and rock? pretty darn cute, we might need to work on that.


kgb said...

Man, I have a black hoodie or 4 that would have fit nice in that pic!!! Sob, sob...

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally did a post about the show! It was good times. Love me some Matt Pryor. And of course, the Holly time is good stuff too. Love ya!