boris & doris

for those of you who do not know who boris is, shame on you! for those of you who do not know who doris is, you are forgiven. boris is belas favorite lovey friend. he goes everywhere with her and is always present at nap time and bedtime. oma bought boris for bela before she was born, this i believe was a nod to the infamous "duck"
who belongs to my niece holly. i am not going to describeboris to you because most of you have met him and he is pictured on this post (or is that doris?). anyhow, bela thinks boris is the cats pajamas, the boss of the applesauce. i first introduced boris to the scene about 3 days before her first day of daycare, i read somewhere that having a security blanket or toy at daycare would make
this transition easier for both of us. enterboris. he is both stuffed animal and a blankie, perfect! a few months later, i had a scary thought, what would happen of boris was lost or ruined? we needed a backup boris! enter doris. once again oma came through, her first ebay purchase! bela of course doesnt know the difference between the two, but it makes my life easier. before the discovery of doris, boris
was looking pretty gnarly, he was rarely washed. once in a while i
would sneak him away for a quick cleaning, but hardly often enough. now that we have doris, i just do a secret switch and no worries. so today i was thinking, what
would happen if she did know there were two of them? would she then get
attached to both? would we have to get a third namedhoris? (sidenote-boris&doris already have a baby named morris, he lives with mama chris, but that is another story all together) this is what happens when you become a mother, you begin to have irrational fears about trivial scenarios like this. so for now, boris and doris will remain like superman and clark kent, or better yet spiderman and peter parker. one day i am sure she will figure out the true identity of both blankies, until then, their secret is safe with me.

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