the pirate plays drums

so this morning i had bela on my lap as i was wrestling with her to put pigtails in her hair. this used to be an easy task, she would just sit there quietly for some reason until i was done. no more. so as she was dangling by her hair, i flipped on disney channel to see if i could get some distraction. the wiggles were on. ugh, those freaky rainbow dressed men. bela of course doesnt know who they are, but i figured the singing and dance might just work. (she doesnt have much tv exposure. i sometimes let her watch the opening credits of 'little einsteins', which she loves, and then of course the photo captured elmo moment. thats it.)anyhow, wiggles, worked like a charm. she was sucked in from the first second. she didnt even move for the next 5 minutes.
now, for those of you who are not familiar with the wiggles, are you ever in for a treat of a lesson. there are 4 grown australian men, a dinosaur, a dog, an octopus and a pirate. huh? does this make sense to anyone else? they sing, dance and do funny skits. also the cartoon versions of them sing, dance and do funny skits. there are also musical interludes of the craziest songs you will ever hear. freaky stuff. but i guess the kids love it.
bela will not be a faithful wiggles watcher, but next time i need her to be in a weirdness induced trance, wiggles it is.

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