first time for everything

i am at work today, boo. last night my mom came over to pick up bela for a sleepover. brett and i were trying to get in our last few hugs and kisses for the night, but all bela wanted was her oma. she didnt want either of us to hold her, just oma. isnt it funny how she knows already the greatness that is oma?
ok moving on, back to the story. my mom called me a little while ago to ask if bela could have mcdonalds breakfast. sure, whatever. maybe not the best answer on my part, but its just eggs and pancakes.... sorta. in situations like this i think, what would heather do? and believe me, i ask myself this question alot. would heather let her baby eat mcdonalds? no way. eh whatever, bela was with oma and oma rules are different than mama rules. thats what omas are for. so needless to say, bela had her first taste of delicious greasy mcdonalds breakfast this morning. i am sure she loved it, although she is my girl and loves all food.

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