9 months old!

bela bela, my baby b. you are now 9 months old!! you can crawl like it is your job! also this month you started pulling up. the only problem is that after you pull yourself up, you think that you can just let go. one of these days you are going to let go and not fall over. maybe next month. you are into everything right now, my little explorer. on saturday you crawled up three stairs while chasing a cat. i was of course right there to catch you, but you did pretty well until i stopped you. this month you also learned how to give high fives and how to clap.
we did lots of visiting this month! we spent the afternoon with nate and alex, you liked them a lot. alex taught you a new song and made mama a copy to bring home. we now listen to this cd every night. you also spent a whole day with mamas friend becky! i am sure she fussed over you and took lots of cute pictures.

of course you are getting cuter and cuter everyday. i am not sure if it is possible for you to be any cuter. your little personality amazes me every day. how can such a little girl who can't even talk be so funny?

i think that is about it for this month. you are busy busy and mama cant keep up. obviously, since this post is about 2 weeks late! thanks to those of you who reminded me!

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