pink you stink

from day one of my pregnancy, and more so since i found out i was having a girl, i was adamant about being anti-pink. i am by no stretch of the imagination a girly-girl. i do not wear pink and my baby will not wear pink.
during my baby shower, i opened up countless boxes and bags of pink clothes. ugh. i was horrified. all of my girlfriends stared at me knowing that i was doing my best to mask my hatred for the color.
after my shower, i spent hours sorting out all of the offending pink outfits and returning them, keeping only those that were especially cute despite the color. bela started her life in lots of colors, but not a hint of pink, except maybe pjs.
so what happened to me? has motherhood caused me to go completely soft? dont answer that. baby b wears some article of pink just about everyday. no joke. and i hear smack about it just about everyday too.
my response? the girl looks good in pink, its her signature color. i might not be a girl girl, or much of a girl at all, but bela is a little pink princess. just look at this blog, it reeks of pink, but its her color.
i knew that i had slowly given in to the world of pink, but it didnt hit me totally until i was folding belas laundry the other night. holy moly... pink explosion. eh, whaveter, to all you nonbelievers, its true. holly moore has given in to the dark side. the pink side. deal with it. i have a cute baby, pink or no pink.

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