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yesterday bela had her 2 year doctors appointment. she now weighs 23.3 pounds, only at 7th percentile, but she eats like a horse so i suppose there isnt much we can do! when the dcotor came in and asked her how she was doing, she responded "awesome!". when the nurse came in to give her a shot, she was lying on her back on the table waiting patiently. when the nurse was ready, i asked bela if she wanted to see and she propped up on her elbows. she watched (just like mama!) and didnt cry or even flinch! such a big girl. we have been reading an elmo book for the past week about going for a check up, maybe it actually helped!

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Erica said...

How cute! Such a little doll :)

My monster baby is probably 21-22 lbs by now! We should all get together soon (with Meg and Bri).