date night

brett and i are going out on a date tonight! i cant even remember the last time that we went out without our little bela! june 7th was our four year anniversary, gotta celebrate! brittany is babysitting tonight, which will include feeding, putting on jimjams and putting to bed. this will be the first non family member to put her to bed. i am sure she will be fine, she has been great at bed time lately. of course brittany will be fine, i have no worries when she is around.
last night i put her to bed and went to the grocery store at 7:30. brett was home of course, he said she didnt finally go to bed until 8:15. i blame the nap until 5pm at omas house. but she slept until almost 7 this morning so i am not complaining!
back to the date. no idea where we will go to dinner. i will for sure update on this tomorrow! all i know is that wherever we go, i am having a drink! crazy mommy out on the town!

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