the first week is finally over! actually i shouldnt say that because the week actually went pretty fast. it didnt take me long to get back into the swing of things at work. it was really nice to see everyone again. i cant even count how many times i was told 'we missed you' and 'it is great to have you back'.
on the bela front, it is fantastic to have a whole weekend to spend with her!! today we spent the day shopping with the girls. she was a perfect angel all day long! so nice to have my girl with me.
so on monday i have to go to work again. i think this week will be ok. better than last week for sure! also from the report i heard from chris, bela is doing a great job at daycare. she has been eating and napping like a champ. makes my days a lot better to know that she is content. i just hope she thinks about me!

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