4 months old

you are now 4 months old! you started eating cereal on saturday and at first you were not sure if you wanted anything to do with it. but after a bit of a struggle, you got the first bite down and then it was smooth sailing! now after several days of cereal, you are a big fan and i no longer have to struggle to get you to eat. i find that stripping you down to just your diaper is the best idea. although you do still end up with about 1/4 of the stuff on you face, arms, legs and stomach. after the cereal dries, it turns into some kind of super glue that does not wipe off!

you are still doing fantastic at the sitter's (mama chris) house. i think you really like it there and for sure she has been able to get you on a great schedule. the only problem is that on weekends, you abandon your schedule and try your best to stay awake the whole day. i like to think this is becuase you want to enjoy quality time with your mommy! you are all smiles and giggles most of the time and that makes me so happy! i think i am very lucky to have such a good baby!

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