so we had a wonderful weekend with the family! much time was spent with mom, dad, heather, mini holly and baby franka. i am for sure one of those people that would make family plans over night out plans. well at least i am now, post-baby.
moms surprise party turned out great! tons of people filled the street to greet my unassuming mother on her 50th birthday! she was so surprised. of course i was very nervous that she somehow knew our plans and would only be faking her surprised grimace. but no, she was for real surprised!! it was fantastic.
in bela news, she spent the weekend being passed around like a hot, yet adorable, potato. this kid is a champ. even though she only took one nap, from 8:45-9:30am, she made it through the party and to her 7pm bedtime with little fuss. we wont get into the battle with bedtime that mommy had when we got home after the party.
so all in all a great weekend! wish my sister and the girls could be here all the time!!

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