2 months old!

today you are 2 months old! i can't believe how fast the time has gone, it seems like you are getting so big, so fast. you have changed so much over the past 2 months, not only do you not look like the same little girl i gave birth too, but you for sure act completely different. you are very alert all of the time now and respond to sounds and lights. you seem to perk up when you hear my voice and see my face. i am not sure whether you know that i am 'mommy' or you just know that i am some lady who is around a lot! i like to think that you know who i am though.

i feel like i am finally getting things together. you are getting on a pretty regular sleep schedule, especially at night. you are still sleeping in the bassinet in our bedroom, but that is a step up from sleeping in your carseat, which you did up until 3 weeks ago. your bedtime is between 7:00-8:00. you usually wake at night at 1am and 5am. most days i try to get you to fall back to sleep in the morning, but i am not always successful. overall i can't complain, but if you could start sleeping through the night i would be ever happier!

right now as i am typing this you are in your swing, your favorite non-parent place to be. you enjoy looking up at the bugs and birds on the mobile. i honestly think that they are your friends, you smile at them and try to talk to them, also your new giggle comes out a lot.

i just keep thinking that you become more and more fun everyday! i can't wait to see what each new day brings and definitely what each new month will bring!!

tomorrow i will be taking you to your 2 month doctors appointment! i know that you will be getting some shots and i am not looking forward to it, but i am sure you will be okay. not sure how i will be though!!

well little girl, i hope that you realize already how much i love you. if not, one day you will.

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