ok so i have been a bit of a slacker on my daily postings! oops!

we went to oma and grandpas house yesterday, hung out and ate dinner. bela slept for 3 hours of the visit so i guess all in all my parents didnt really get a whole lot of quality time. and it was really all for nothing cuz she woke up just as cranky as she was before the nap. eh.

today were are going over to belas future day care. she hasnt even met bela yet, so this should be a fun day! i really hope that everything goes well. i hope bela doesnt throw up on her. but she is probably used to that anyhow. i am so excited that we found such a great place for bela to go. i really do not want to go back to work. i really really do not want to leave my little girl. but it makes me feel better knowing that we have such a great lady keeping an eye on the bela.

ok no more time right now. update later on how things go!

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