rock me (to sleep) amadeus

so i know that she is only a baby and probably doesn't really have musical taste, but i swear she loves the 80s. when we dance to the bangles she smiles like she actually hopes to be able to walk like an egyptian one day. so today when i was putting her down for her afternoon nap i flipped on the 80 station on tv. she was so totally comforted by madonna singing 'like a virgin' that i was able to sneak out of the room after minimal rocking and shushing. so even if i fail today and this nap only lasts for 45 minutes i will know that she was rockin out in her dreams when 'eye of the tiger' came on. and i swear that she made some noise for me to hear over the monitor when 'i just called to say i love you' was playing. and that is enough for me.

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