my plan and the idea

so that first blog was actually something that i had originally written on myspace when i first came home from the hospital. this is the real first posting on this thing.

so i got the idea for this blog from three sources. dateline and two women named heather. the first was a news story i saw on dateline about a woman whose father wrote her a letter every year on her birthday. there is way more to the story than that, but that is the important part. the second was from my sister heather. i told her about the idea i got from the dateline program and how i wanted to start to do something like that, but needed something to collect the letters in. she was the one who said that i should just start a blog. and that lead into her mentioning of dooce.com (which we are both faithful readers of) and how she writes a letter every month to her daughter on her blog. so obviously my third influence was dooce. so in the tradition of that blog i am planning on doing a monthly progress type letter about bela. plus i am going to do my best to write a little something each day as well, but i am not going to make any promises.

ok so that's that. my inspiration.

i just think that this could be a really great thing for bela to look back at when she is old enough to appreciate it. or not.

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Seibu said...

subscribed. :)