party's over

today i am back at work after being off for over a week. ugh. it is kind of nice to be home, but not so nice being back to work.
we had a wonderful time on vacation! we were in folly beach sc (near charleston) for a week. it was so nice to get away. although we were both really happy to see brett yesterday! and i know he was glad to see us, especially his baby girl.
we spent a week doing pretty much nothing. and that is the best kind of vacation. i was glad that i got so much time to spend with my parents and my sister. it was also really cool to see all the kids together!
i will have more later and also vacation pics as soon as my mom sends me some.
also i will be posting belas 7 months old blog soon too, hopefully.

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kgb said...

If nothing else, you can be grateful that it is summer and that you live in Cleveland - two things I'm wishing for desperately. And the camo tee is gorgeous. Can't wait for more pics