getting older! (7 months and 8 months old!)

so i missed the 7 months old post. oops bad mom. anyhow this is going to be a 7 and 8 month post.
bela went on her first vacation in june! which also included her first really long car trip. i know that i already blogged about this after the trip, but i just need to say again how a 12 hour road trip with two girls under 12 months is not big heaps of fun. that said, the rest of the vacation was fantastic.
bela also got her first tooth at 7 months!! and i noticed last night that her second tooth (both on the bottom) is just peaking through now! tooth number two at 8 months!
i am glad to say that number two was not nearly as painful (for both of us) as number one was. i didnt even realize she was coming through until i saw it.
she still is not sitting, not totally. i think this is because she doesnt want to, not because she isnt able to. she is just too busy and preoccupied to be bothered with sitting. if you put her down with sometime to hold onto/play with in front of her she does fine. at least until something else in the room catches her eye, then she topples.
she still is not crawling yet, but she does do something that looks like a push-up. she also gets on all fours and rocks back and forth as if she thinks her body will just magically do the rest for her. she is definitely interested in crawling, unlike the sitting situation.
not much else going on really, of course she is getting cuter by the minute, but that goes without saying. also, the growling continues...

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kgb said...

I think it is just crazy that she growls. Her future husband has just learned to say "lets kick it" when it is time to go... He turns 2 in less than 2 weeks, which I find crazy too!